Without a test there can be no testimony.


Neysa Taylor

Open.  Transparent.  Honest.  Caring.  These are four words that describe Neysa Taylor.  She's a gifted storyteller who's no holds barred style reminds you of your closest girlfriend. 

Neysa Taylor is a trained communicator who spent more than 15 years as an Emmy-award winning journalist.  After years of writing for her own blog, Myriad That Is Me; Neysa became a frequently requested guest columnist on several blog sites.  She used her writing prowess and speaking ability to become the Director of Communications for a government agency.  This position allowed her to showcase her on-camera skills and ease in front of the lens.

But the professional accolades pale in comparison to her personal triumphs.  Neysa believes that every test is designed to teach us a lesson not only for ourselves but for others.  The vulnerability and openness that she illustrates allows others to not only reap valuable lessons from her trials but also learn to avoid the same pitfalls.

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