He's An On Time God (Yes, He Is)...

The week before Christmas is normally a harried week.  Last minute gifts, dinner with friends, cocktail parties, and kids' events all lead to not enough sleep, a few extra pounds, and promises to do things differently next year.  This year did not let up.  This year actually doubled down on stress and fatigue.  We moved the Christmas celebration up by 5 days.  I tried to cram in two weeks worth of work into two days.  Chris' illness and pending major surgery had everyone stressed.  To top it off the deaths of two colleagues really took my breath away.  The most recent deaths nearly pushed me over the edge. 

This year it's felt like death was all around me.  Trust me I am not being dramatic.  Recently, I've lost Jason, Lynn, Molly, Getahn and Carlos.  Maybe it's because I'm in a different age bracket now that this is normal.  Or maybe I am hyper sensitive due to my age.  I may be feeling it more due to Chris' latest medical fight.  I don't know.  But I felt like a character on a Final Destination movie watching my friends get picked off one by one and if I'm being honest, it was beginning to be too much to bear.

Until today... Today I ordered pizza for the family and God whispered "I'm still right here."  No the pizza did not burst into flames like a burning bush or spell out a message in KJV text.  When the pizza arrived I opened the door and took the receipt to sign.  While I turned to write a tip, the pizza delivery guy asked me about a book on my table Instinct by Bishop T.D. Jakes.  The exchange went something like this...

Pizza guy: "How was it?"

Me: "Really good.  Actually one of my favorites."

Pizza guy: "I really like Bishop Jakes.  I am reading He-motions now."

Me: "Yea, I've got that one too.  Have you read Soar?"

Pizza guy: "Not yet but I've heard great things about it."

Me:  "It's great too.  I actually prefer listening to him talk about it.  Have you seen his conversation with Furtick on youtube?"  

Pizza: "Yep.  Thank you for the tip."

Me (handing him Instinct): "Have a good night.  Merry Christmas."

Typing that exchange seems so trite, so minuscule.  That conversation is full of trivial banter. But it was so much more.  It was God telling me that He still sees me.  He has heard me and sent a scruffy pizza delivery guy to let me know that He has not and will not leave me.  That quick conversation was not with heads bowed or eyes closed.  But in that moment, that conversation felt as comforting as a prayer.  

He's an on time God... Yes, He is.