Are You Really Stuck? A Snow Day Revelation

I hate the snow.  Let me take that back, I hate driving in the snow.  Truth be told, I hate driving in any type of bad weather and since I live in Tennessee where we get more ice than snow, it gets really tricky.  Well, guess what?  It's winter and the snow (ice) has fallen and I've been trapped at home.

Maybe trapped is too strong of a word.  I am blessed.  I have heat, electricity, and Netflix.  I can work from home.  I actually feel like I am a bit more productive since I don't have to stop for a gazillion meetings.  I am also surrounded by family.  We get to eat breakfast and lunch together and that is a joy.  But every day I look out at the street in front of my house and think "Why hasn't the ice melted yet?"  

The first morning of the snow, I watched the news like a hawk as they confirmed my thoughts on the street.  "Stay home" they warned.  "It's treacherous" they said.  I looked at my street and knew it was true.

The next morning I watched the news and the reporters said the interstates were clear but the side streets were still icy.  I looked at my street and then checked out the main drive out of the neighborhood and decided to stay in again.  I checked my neighborhood's facebook page for updates and they reinforced the idea.  Stay off the roads.  

Later that day I noticed that while the temperature remained in the single digits the sun was beaming brightly and my husband decided to venture out.  I hopped in the car and thought that this would be my chance to see how the roads are faring so that I could be prepared for work the following day.  

The first street we came to - my actual street - is iced over.  We turned the corner and the next street was still slick.  But the very next street had been visited by public works!  I was pleasantly surprised that the salt trucks had made it back to my neighborhood.  After that, the main roads were clear and of course the interstate was ice free.  I was officially unstuck!  

(Don't think "boring story, Neysa".  You know there's more... )

 Have you ever had the Holy Spirit talk to you in the most mundane situations?  Yea, me too and today was no different.  As I ventured out I realized that if I had just looked at my street, I would be in the house until next week.  But when I pushed past my street, I realized that the path was clear.  How often do you look at your situation or your comfort zone and think "I'm stuck.  I can't get out of this"?  But what if you ventured out?  What if you could turn two corners and see that there is a way out of your comfort zone and that the whole world was waiting for you?  

So tiptoe out.  Run out.  Slide out.  Walk it out (Shout out to UNK).  Do whatever you have to do but push past your comfort zone.  What's the worse that could happen?  The comfort zone doesn't move.  It doesn't lock its doors.  You can always come back but why would you?  The world is waiting.

(Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash