Are You Ready For The Next Level?

"I'm going to the next level."  "I'm going to the next level."  "Next level here I come."  "I'm ready for the next level."  How many times have you said those words?  How many times have I said those words?  A gazillion.  But how many times have you said those words, believed those words, but then sank back into the same routine and wonder why you haven't made it farther faster?  Yep.  Me too.  I said I am ready for the next level.  I said "Go 'head God elevate me."  But I wasn't totally ready.  I wanted next level stuff without next level work.  That's not completely true.  I wanted next level living and was willing to work for it for a while.  My problem is working consistently for the next level.  I work hard.  I work hella hard.  But I am not always working smart or working toward my goal.

I need next level living in every area of my life.  I want the next level in Jesus.  I want the next level marriage.  I want the next level job.  I want the next level in fitness.  I want the next level in life.  Time to make it happen - consistently!  And I'm not selfish.  I want the next level for you too.  I know that God didn't just bless me.  He blessed you too.  He made you with a purpose.  So let's do what He designed us for and take His kingdom to the next level.  Will it be hard work?  Yep.  But it will require me to stay focused on the goal.  Stay focused on going higher.  Let's go!