Put Away Childish Things

Offset and Cardi B. Cardi B and Offset. On every gossip site, this couple has been the hot topic of conversation. To bring you up to speed, Offset cheated. Cardi said “boy bye.” Offset apologized on the instagram and later popped up at a her concert with an apology and props. You got it? Now you are up to speed.

Well, some folks say that Cardi is well within her right to 1. not take him back and 2. look quite pissed when he popped up at her performance. Others said that Offset is humbling himself to get his family back. Folks are debating this issue like it’s their relationship. (That sounds a bit self-righteous because I am writing about it too. Oh, well…)

Before we debate Team Cardi or Team Offset, let’s put it in perspective. How many of us have said to someone that you can’t talk ish about me in public and apologize in private? I know I’ve said that to folks. Bravo TV (Real Housewives of Wherever) and Mona Scott (Love and Hip Hop/Basketball Wives) have a series of franchises about ish talking behind others’ backs and getting called out for it. But when Offset apologizes publicly after embarrassing Cardi B publicly, folks balk at it. Why? Is it because they never received the public apology they craved? Is it because they are ghetto-fabulous? Remember earlier this year Jay-Z did a whole album (4:44) and New York Times Interview apologizing for his misdeeds. But that was ok? Or was it only ok because they are the “it couple” or super-rich?

Look, I can’t even begin to have the answers for their relationship. Relationships are hard work even without a reality tv show or a fan base watching. I think we have to give them space to define their marriage - or their separation/divorce -for themselves. If Cardi had smiled when he arrived on stage, folks would still be talking.

Finally, think about this… Cardi B is 26 years old and Offset is 27. Seriously, she is 6 years older than my oldest child. We want to Monday morning quarterback a relationship through the filter of 30+year old eyes. That’s not fair. Hell, things I thought were cute then are not cute now that I am … well, older than 27. If we can’t chalk it up to “let them live their own lives,” can we at least chalk it up to 1 Corinthians 13:11? They are young. They are new money. They are going to make mistakes in the public eye. But, God-willing (as my grandmama says), they will grow up and put childish things away.