It's Always A Race


I am always racing.  Always.  I am always trying to improve.  To be better, to to more, to be the BEST version of me that I can be.  I am my toughest critic!  Why? Because bad habits are constantly lurking outside my door.  If I am not moving forward then I feel like it is too easy to back slide into bad habits.  The old me is always ready to slip back in place.  Umm, no!  I've gone through too much to backslide now!  Why would I want to lose ground and go backward?  Let's be honest, if where I've come from was so hot, I would have stayed there.  So I have to be some kinda fool to want to step back into the past.  Why would I pick up what GOD has delivered me from?  NOPE!  Not going to do it!