What Are You Going To Do Differently When You Get Back Up?

I went on vacation.  I. Went. On. Vacation.  Me.  Hyper-assed me, went on vacation.  And I rested.  Laid my tail on the beach and took 20-trillion naps.  I almost backed out.  I almost thought that I couldn't go - I thought I had too much going on.  But I didn't cower.  I hopped my bum on the plane and in wide-eyed wonder had an amazing time.  Great... now what?  

See when you are exhausted from the clutter in your soul, you have to first empty out everything.  You have to pour out all of the trash that you've let accumulate.  This is the reason I was weary.  I had too much stuff on the inside.  I had to let go of the stuff that was weighing down my spirit.  When I gave it all to the ocean, trust me when I say sitting there empty felt great.  Light.  Freeing.  

But there is  second part... most folks don't just get to walk around totally empty.  You have to decided what to pick back up.  What pieces are you going to put together to create a new version of yourself?  Hubs?  Yep.  Kids? Definitely.  New book plans?  Sure am.  9-5 job?  Got that too.  My health?  Gotta pick it up one more time.  For some reason it is the first thing I drop when I get overwhelmed.  I am gathering my energy, rest, and self-care and adding them to my bag.  They'll take the place of self-doubt, martyrdom, and fatigue.  I am gently handling blessings, open doors, and new horizons while dropping fear, anger, and the false safety of cages that are too small for my dreams no matter how gilded those cages may be.  

Most importantly, I am picking up myself.  Me.  I am carefully handling me and as Auntie Maxine so forcefully said "reclaiming MY time."  Because this is my time and I am rested and ready for it.

Neysa Taylor