Do You Add Value?

I love love.   I really do.  I love heart flutters, kisses, and holding hands.  I love "come hither" looks and smiles that make your heart melt.  I love it all.  But do you bring more to the table than just "fun"?  Are you more than just a romantic comedy version of love?  

See, all of the things I mentioned are items you experience in abundance at the start of a relationship.  You have to work to keep those passion plumes going.  While passion is fun and very necessary, do you bring any skills to the table?  Yes, I said skills.  Bluntly put do you bring anything to the table besides your appetite?  In business terms, are you a value-add?

I don't believe people in relationships have to be carbon copies of each other but I do believe they have to possess complementary skills.  If he is blessed with ambition, are you equally ambitious and able to strategize for the future?  Or do you have the skills of an assistant, you may not be the visionary but you are able - and willing - to help move your spouses dream forward?  What do you bring to the table?  Do you add value to your mate's life beyond warming his bed?  Or are you a drain on their life? Are you fun but really dead weight?  To quote the songstress Rih-rih are you "tryna fix your inner issues with a bad b*tch"?  Let me translate that for you... Are you leaving beneath your potential, not moving forward but are latching on to a "winner" because you feel that it would make you a winner too?  

Look, before you say "I do"  do some soul searching and ask yourself if you add value.  Sis, you have to add more to his life beyond perky breasts and a round tush.  You have to bring something to the table besides your knife and fork.