The Art of Noise

Imagine you having on a pristine white suit.  Now imagine yourself wearing that same white suit during a paint ball game.  By the end of the day, you would be covered in paint.  Now imagine doing it daily.  Flip the white suit for your ears and the paintball pellets for all of the sounds you hear over the course of a day.  That was my life.  A while back I realized that I spent my entire day wrapped in words.  For  many years I worked in a  newsroom and had 5 police scanners and multiple TVs assaulting my senses for 9 hours  a day.  When I took my current position, I found that I again spend all day with a TV or phone or person talking  to me.  All.  Day.  

One day I realized that the constant barrage of noise was really clouding my vision and my spirit.  I couldn't stand silence.  The actual lack of noise drove me crazy.  So I decided to fill the silence with positive messages.  I fill it with love and learning.  I now listen to podcasts (Myleik Teele & Take Off Your Cool), sermons (Bisphop Joseph Warren Walker & Sarah Jakes Roberts), inspirational messages (Lisa Nichols & Auntie Oprah), business notes (Gary Vee) and uplifting music (Sang, Solange!). Now the "noise" I hear does more than fill the silence, it also fills me.  I am better for it.  The nuggets I take away daily make me a better person.

Don't get me wrong, I still love a lil' ratchet music.  I will drop the bottom half of my body to the floor the minute a bass beat comes on, but for the majority of the day I surround myself with positivity.  It feeds my spirit, it feeds my mind, and it feeds my creativity.   

So what's feeding you?