Book Excerpt: Proverbs 31

Have you ever really read Proverbs 31 in its entirety? That chick is bad! (I’m using slang here; I definitely mean “bad” in a good way.) She is doing a whole lot. Think about it. Verse 15 says she gets up at the crack of dawn to feed her family. She has a job (v.16), does community service (v.20), and is a great parent (v. 21).  She also does housework (v. 22) and has multiple streams of income (v. 24). How many hours are in her day? I am tired just thinking about it. But that is the standard that a Godly wife is supposed to live up to and something we should strive to attain.

Notice that I called her a Godly wife not a perfect wife. Too often women get engaged and become Stepford wives. You know, the ring goes on and suddenly they become a caricature of what they think a wife should be. They immediately start taking on this persona of Claire Huxtable/Donna Reed - how Hollywood tells us a wife should act.

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