Podcast Episode 2: Clark Kent or Superman

I love HGTV.  I can watch Jo and Chip Gaines every day.  Seriously, every day.  Jo can take a piece of driftwood and turn it into an amazing table for 12.  I've seen her do it.  And lots of women have that same gift.  We can take a little flour and a smidgen of meat and make potpies for the entire family.  We are gifted at making something out of nothing.  

But guess when that doesn't work?  When you are in a committed relationship and saying "I do."  Too many women say "yes" to someone's potential and never realize that they are actually marrying the man in front of them.  Imagine Clark Kent on bended knee in front of you holding an engagement ring.  Would you be saying "yes" to Clark or would you be saying "yes" to what you know he will become - Superman?  But is that fair to Clark.  Clark asked you to marry him, not Supy.  And if you say "yes" to Clark you have to be content and happy with Clark.  You can't always ask him if he feels like flying today.  There is a difference between Clark and Superman.  Make sure you know which one you are marrying.  Click the link to hear more.