The Importance of Date Night

It's Friday 6pm.  You've worked all week.  You know you have a trillion things to do between now and Monday morning.  You need to wash & detangle your hair, wash laundry, clean your house, write a blog, record a podcast, attend two networking events, take the kids back to school shopping, church, and a plethora of other events all before Monday morning.  Mind you, you've worked a trillion hours this week and traveled halfway around the state.  You.  Are.  Tired.  So you come home, wash off the week, pour a glass of wine, and drift off to sleep while watching Netflix.  Does that sound familiar?  It does to me.  But what about date night?  

Date night isn't some mythical creature that is only available to those on tv sitcoms.  Date night is a real activity for you and your spouse to be more intimate than you normally are.  Date night is about intimacy.  Not butt-naked, horizontal intimacy; but "I see you clearly without any of the trappings of the labels you wear" intimacy. Date night is about "I still see you."  It says "I still want you."  It means "Every time every day I will choose you."  Date night has to be a priority.  Because it is a time to be close, to dream, to laugh, to connect, to remember.  

People often say that passion dies in marriage.  That is only true if you let it die.  You have to continue to have fun, be fun, and explore new things.  Even folks that have date nights can find themselves in a rut.  You have to change up the date night.  Jet set to Paris one weekend... I'm just playing, well unless you really can, then do it.  Or you could play strip Uno.  You can workout together.  You can do any number of things.  You can even netflix and chill as long as you are doing it together.  You have to keep date night full of variety and fun. Don't let date night die or become some distant memory.  Make some plans, have a good time, and stoke that passion.  

For those that listen to my podcast, please head on over for a podcast extra.  Yep, that's right, I give you a few date suggestions over on the podcast.  (Your welcome!)