Don't Be Afraid to Love Freely

"I'm afraid of love.  I don't want to be hurt."  I've heard multiple friends say those lines and each time I cringe.  Don't get me wrong, I totally understand the sentiment behind it.  You are vulnerable when you love.  You are open to hurt when you love.  But what is the alternative?  Being behind a wall?  Being bitter?  That isn't a good option. 

I saw this quote on instagram: "Being deeply loved gives you strength, loving deeply gives you courage."  I believe we all want love but without the hurt.   Well, that isn't possible.  Loving imperfect people means that at some point they will fail us and we will fail them.  Sometimes it is a true mistake.  People often make mistakes.  Sometimes it's intentional hurts.  Yes, I said intentional.  Spouses at times hurt others on purpose.  I know I have.  (Gasp, shock.  Yes, me!)  But do we just hide or shrivel up our hearts?  No!  We face our fears and give love.  We have to give love freely.  Here's why: God loves us and expects us to share that love with others; especially your spouse.  You honor God by honoring and loving your spouse.

It's kind of simple, really.  So love freely, love openly, love deeply, love fully.