Back to the Barre

"Back to the barre."  That is a phrase that I use quite often.  For ballet dancers it means going back to the beginning.  Back to the basics.  Even the most experienced ballet dancers know that going back to the barre is important.  In a Christian's life that "barre" is the Bible.  Let's be honest.  You are supposed to start every morning with biblical study.  But many folks do not do that - myself included.  I start off strong, but then life comes up and I find myself off course.  It is during those times that I have to "go back to the barre."  By focusing my life on Jesus, I find that I am better able to do everything, including being a wife.

In your marriage you have to return to the basics as well.  You have to make sure that you are focused on the Word of God.  That is the number 1 priority.  But you also have to focus on the goals and commitment for your marriage.  Really ask yourself "am I doing all that I can to love/protect/lead my family the way God has called me to?"  If the answer is yes, then great.  If the answer is no, then stay at the barre until you get it right.