August Sucked... Or Did it?

So August tried me. Tried my patience, tried my sanity, tried my proverbial gangsta’. Actually “tried” is too soft of a word. August really almost took me out. So much so that when September rolled around, I seriously did a little dance. Like a “thank you, Jesus, for getting me through August” dance. So September rolled around and when people asked how I was doing, I would respond “Better now that August is over!” And I meant it.

But over the weekend, I uploaded photos from my phone to an online picture service and noticed that while August was very painful, there were some great moments as well. I was able to connect with family that I hadn’t seen in years and I was able to spend some extended snuggle time with my niece and nephew.

I think that is just human nature, we remember the hurt but quickly forget the laughter. Honestly, trying days are going to come but we have to be intentional about remembering and celebrating the good ones. And as the song says “But when I look around and I think things over, all of my good days outweigh my bad days… I won't complain.”

Neysa Taylor