2020: A Look Forward

Ya’ll know I love the movie Mahagony and Ms. Diana Ross. And you know that movie has a banging song “Do you know where your going to?” Just listening to that song makes me want to blow out my hair and twirl! But I digress…

Have you made your New Year’s resolution? I bet you have. And if you are like me for the past 40-some odd years, you made a resolution without thinking of the end result. I wanted to be skinny so my goal was to lose weight. But what did skinny look like to me. Was it a number on the scale or a size jeans? I wanted to be better with money, but what did that mean? Out of debt? More savings? More luxuries?

So this year before I set a resolution, I wrote out my biography. Not dated today but dated January 1, 2020. I was so specific.

January 1, 2020

I am Neysa Ellery Taylor. I’m 44 years old although I frequently forget how old I am. And that’s ok, since I look 30! Shout out to my great genes and hard work over the past year. I am super proud of myself and the work I’ve put in to finally have the best possible life. I’ve seen first hand that life is short and I am determined to live it fully.

Of course, there is much more but that is just a taste what I wrote. I wrote about faith, business, finances, love, fitness, diet, vacations, etc. I wrote about spending time with my friends and my community engagement.

Based on what I wrote, I realized that I wanted a life that I loved. So that became my word for 2019 - LOVE. If Shonda can have the Year of Yes, I can have the Year of Love.

So before you embark on a resolution and start making changes, be sure the path you are walking is leading to the destination you want. Let your letter to yourself or your biography be your destination and enjoy the journey!