Am I My Brothers' Keeper? Nope

So for those that have been following me for a while, you know that I published a book last year. Congrats on Your Engagement: Letters to Tiffany is a practical guide to really getting prepared for marriage. Yes, I said getting prepared for marriage. There are a million books about preparing for a wedding but when it comes to giving you the tools to have a successful marriage - those books pale in comparison to books about white dresses. So I wrote that book fills the gap and gives me the opportunity to share with the world what I wished someone had told me before i got married.

While I have had several men read and enjoy my book, I know that Congrats is for women, brides-to-be. Women are my people, my base, my folks. I appreciate all of the guys that invite me to speak, that share my work with their wives or girlfriends, but I get that my book is not specifically for them. Men need their own blueprint for them by them. In this instance, I’m not my brothers’ keeper. Well fellas, I think I found it.

Saturday I met Michael Warren (@the_prohusband), author of Marriage Declassified. During the multiple hour discussion of marriage perceptions and what it takes to make a union work, I found the male version of #Myriadthatisme. So google it, check him out. I am looking forward to partnering in the near future!