Don't Be Cupid Stupid

Look, Imma keep it funky with you. February 14th is Valentine’s Day. It’s always Valentine’s Day. It comes around every year. So, fellas, please don’t come home talking about “Is that today?” or “I forgot” or any other lame excuse. Don’t hit your girlfriend or spouse with the “I don’t get paid until Friday so we can celebrate then…” Ummm, nope. You knew good and well that Valentine’s Day was February 14th. Like seriously… Only a lazy mf will try to slide on Valentine’s Day. Don’t be “Cupid Stupid”!

Let me calm down… Ok, that’s better. Look, I am not saying that you have to buy out the mall or fly someone to Paris (but if that’s what you planning, kudos to you) however, you do have to come up with something. And if another brother brings up the whole “It’s not even a real holiday” B.S. i promise I will scream. All holidays are made up. You really don’t think Jesus was born on December 25th do you? So now that we’ve gotten past all of the excuses, let me give you a few tips:

  • Have the kids make V-day cards

  • Fix her favorite dinner

  • Do that one chore she has been begging you to do and that you have been putting off

  • Give her a massage

  • Plan a trip

  • Buy her jewelry

  • Plan couples pedicures

  • Bake her cupcakes

  • Basically do anything that she would like no matter what your budget.

Understand? Good. Now, go be great and let me know how it goes!