Heart or Head: A Constant Battle

Folks closest to me know that I love superhero movies. There is something about a man in a cape that does something to me. It’s really funny because I am no damsel in distress. If anything, I’m a co-hero. I don’t expect anyone to fly in and fix my mess. I expect to suit up and fly right along with my superman into battle. But that’s another post. This post is about my recent trip to the theatre to see Captain Marvel. (Don’t worry. I am not going to spoil it for those that haven’t seen it.)

So, the fam and I took a trip to check out Captain Marvel. We are that family that is counting down the days to the next Avenger movie, so it was only right that we checked out Captain Marvel. At the beginning of the movie, her mentor mentions that her primary problem is that she constantly uses her heart and not her head. Something about that scene resonated with me. The marriage between my heart and my head never really solidified. I operate at two ends of the spectrum - totally cerebral or outrageously emotional.

I’ve never married the two. And if I had to be honest, I never respected the emotional aspects of myself. Normally it’s all logic and emotions get stuffed in a closet somewhere until the hinges burst and all my un-dealt-with emotions come tumbling out. Imagine a wave of emotion wreaking havoc on everything and everyone. Not a good look. What makes it even worse is that after the tidal wave knocks down the door, I work to quickly rebuild it, stuff everything back inside and the whole process starts over again.

Not a good look at all. And while I definitely do not believe in being a constant ball of emotion, I do want to start respecting my heart a bit more starting with allowing myself to acknowledge how I feel. I seriously have to do a self-check and ask myself “how do you feel?” Not “what do you think about something” but simply “How do you feel?” Such a little question that I rarely took the time to ask myself.

Which one are you? More heart or head? Do you allow yourself to feel? Share your coping mechanisms and how you get these two to speak to each other and find balance.