All in Life Lessons

Where Have You Been?

Sometimes you look up and realize you've been missing.  You've shown up for work. Shown up for the kids. Shown up for the hubs. But when you look in the mirror, you are still missing.  A few weeks ago I realized that I. Was. Missing

Back to the Barre

Even the most experienced ballet dancers know that going back to the barre is important.  In a Christian's life that "barre" is the Bible.   You are supposed to start every morning with biblical study.  But many folks do not do that - myself included.  So, I have to "go back to the barre."

The Fantasy of Perfection

Right now I am sitting in an airport.  I am casually flipping my hair over my shoulder as I type away at this laptop looking every bit like a world travelling girl boss. But the reality is that I am waiting on my flight which has been delayed twice.  I am so tired I can barely type. 

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

See, I am struggling to balance between working for the future and living in the moment.  Every since my hubs was diagnosed with a terminal illness my mind keeps replaying one question "How will you take care of the family if he passes away?"