Great work! That introduction though... I absolutely love it and could totally feel it! Neysa, you are talking to me!
— Jamila Tyrrell

Readers' Comments 


@Neysa.Taylor I'm absolutely loving it...I need to give it to ever engaged person I meet..."engagement is prep time for marriage"

— Nicole Donaldson (@Familyfitmom)

My sister is FIRE and you need to cop her book.  Seriously dating, engaged, married or need gifts for loved ones!  This book is for you!

— Faith Seifuddin

I just want you to know that this book, hunty!  Filled with great advice, so I hear my mom and aunt Bettie have been validating Neysa all day!  I couldn't wait til I got to my destination!! It's a great read and I'm doing the homework.

— Essence (last name withheld)

GREAT book!!! Thank you for your transparency in your marriage.

— Michelle Daughtry


I'm reading your book and loving it.  Yasssss!

— Danielle Taylor

LOVED the boo and all of the insight you provided.

— stacey jones

Testimonial quote. Sed ac urna lacus. Donec fermentum venenatis ipsum, eu efficitur mi placerat quis. Donec et convallis metus, et luctus odio. Fusce porta quam purus, vel consectetur est luctus vel.

— Yvon Dakota

We forget that you cannot get comfortable and think you are safe from harm or attack because the devil loves to break up a marriage.

— Jamila Tyrrell