Great work! That introduction though... I absolutely love it and could totally feel it! Neysa, you are talking to me!
— Jamila Tyrrell

Readers' Comments 


@Neysa.Taylor I'm absolutely loving it...I need to give it to ever engaged person I meet..."engagement is prep time for marriage"

— Nicole Donaldson (@Familyfitmom)

My sister is FIRE and you need to cop her book.  Seriously dating, engaged, married or need gifts for loved ones!  This book is for you!

— Faith Seifuddin

I just want you to know that this book, hunty!  Filled with great advice, so I hear my mom and aunt Bettie have been validating Neysa all day!  I couldn't wait til I got to my destination!! It's a great read and I'm doing the homework.

— Essence (last name withheld)

GREAT book!!! Thank you for your transparency in your marriage.

— Michelle Daughtry


I'm reading your book and loving it.  Yasssss!

— Danielle Taylor

LOVED the book and all of the insight you provided.

— stacey jones

I've read the book and it was great!  I felt convicted and need to do a better job with my wife attitude.  Thank you this book is a blessing.

— Johnetta Taylor

We forget that you cannot get comfortable and think you are safe from harm or attack because the devil loves to break up a marriage.

— Jamila Tyrrell