Video Services

To increase engagement with both internal and external stakeholders; Neysa Taylor expanded the communications team to include a full time videographer. The addition of this staffer allowed the department to create dynamic content and a web based show, TDOC Talks, to highlight the work of the Tennessee Department of Correction. The creation of video content pulled back the veil challenging long held industry perceptions and giving stakeholders a deeper understanding of the department’s mission.

Citizen Academies

In an effort to expand transparency, the Tennessee Department of Correction created the Citizens Academy program. This program allows members of the community to learn about the work of TDOC and see firsthand how the agency enhances public safety. Based on the success of this academy, Neysa Taylor led the effort to expand the program to include the Alumni Ambassadors program, the Media Academy, and the Victims Academy.


Crisis Communications

In today’s 24-hour media environment, every person with a cell phone and a wifi signal has the ability to create a viral video. This requires each organization to be keenly aware of managing the agency’s brand reputation and being agile enough to respond to a crisis either real or imagined. Neysa Taylor’s adeptness and finger on the pulse of various stakeholder groups allows her to not only see chaos brewing on the horizon but also create an actionable plan positioning the agency in the best light possible.

Internal Communications

Any communications professional is able to manage multiple details at one time. While media relations and public sentiment must be managed, Neysa Taylor has also expanded the internal communications that her team creates. Too often communications teams focus on sharing with external stakeholders instead of empowering internal stakeholders to spread your story both internally and externally. Neysa has created multiple opportunities for daily interactions with all staff to ensure they get information directly from the subject matter experts.